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Acadian Home Improvement can take care of all your inspection requirements.

If your planning on buying or selling your home, you will need to meet the inspection requirements, I have worked on many inspection reports and can fix all the things mentioned on them such as bad electrical outlets, wood rot repairs, bad roof area or missing shingles, it is usually a lot of small things. On one job it was a stove vent fan, leaking plumbing valves in laundry room, doulble insulated glass window fogged up and needed changing.

I have done many of these Baton Rouge area inspections and  plumbing leaks,  leaking faucet valves, non working receptacles, Also bad fan motor in stove vent hgeood ,proper air space around furnace vent pipe in attic  needs a 4 inch air space and a non combustible material bettween wood and pipe , no missing shingles or wood rot, which is usually around window trim and siding , no temite activity, I can expedite them with no problem. Inspection requirements met so you can sell your home .Emergency service such as roofing leaks that damage the sheetrock ceiling and wood flooring, our remodeling contractors can expedite all these problems as you look thru the photo gallery's you will see & learn about us, so contact us today for your free repair or remodeling estimate.

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