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Acadian Plumbing Baton Rouge  for all your  plumbing repair !

Toilet                                   Faucet

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Water heater                  Bathroom Remodeling

      For all your Bathroom, Toilet, Water Heater, Drain Cleaning, and Bathtub change outs. Acadian Plumbing can service all your baton rouge  plumbing needs and fixture updates for more efficiency and saving you money and adding value to home , wether it's replacing that leaky faucet with a new one or changing out  your bathtub for a new updated bathroom and custom built walk in ceramic tile or stone shower with the large shower head with lots of water flow  you have always wanted, or updating  your home with new plumbing faucet, sink, toilet, water heater, bathroom faucet updates, our professional certified plumber can take care of all your leaking toilet, faucet,supply lines and shut off valves or if your home is old you can redo your Baton Rouge plumbing piping with a new low cost pex piping, much easier to install than metal , and it expands, so if the piping freezes it wont rupture causing a leak. Older homes also do not have main shut off valves, so in the event of a burst pipe, you wont be able to turn off the water, causing water damage to your home, our professional certified plumber can install this, so Call  Baton Rouge, LA  today 225-292-2649 More pictures below!

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plumber removing ceramic tile, bathtub, and faucet, for all your plumgbing needs Call acadian plumbing of baton rouge at 225-292-2649 plumber removing bathroom sink, for all your plumbing needs Call acadian plumbing of baton rouge at 225-292-2649 plumber installing new main line tie in, for all your plumbing needs Call acadian plumbing 225-292-2649 bathtub removed plumbing rerouted plumber installed new p trap Call acadian plumbing 225-292-2649

New main line dug and cover baton rouge plumbing, plumber, New main line dug out added pex to main meter added main shut off valve .For all your bathtub, bathroom fixtures, bathroom plumbing such as , water heater change outs faucet upgrades Call Acadian Plumbing of Baton Rouge 225-292-2649 New main line dug and installed pex to house with main water shut off installed baton rouge plumbing, plumber plumber installing new main line tie in pex flexible piping installed, it stretches 4 times it's size so next time your pipes freeze it allows the pipe to stretch and not burst, For all  your plumbing needs , faucet, sink, water heater change outs Call acadian plumbing of Baton Rouge 225-292-2649

Installed the wall backer board,preping for tile,plumber plumbing repair baton rouge Water proofing membrane installed before tile install.Plumber repair plumbing baton rouge white marble stone installed and plumbing faucet and shower valve,plumber repair baton rouge faucet shower valve, delta plumber plumbing baton rouge installed valve

Ripping off wall tile surround, plumbing plumber repair baton rouge Removed bathtub, breaking concrete for new code approved 2inch drain line, needed to make bigger tub box for new drain pipe. new 2 inch code compliant drainage plumbing pipe installed.plumber repair baton rouge plumber repair drain pipe concrete poured, preparing for tile install, plumbing baton rouge

    Water heater A water heater is one of the most expensive appliances in the home and as the water heater gets older calcium build up continues to build up in the water heater and builds up thicker  and thicker until there is literally less volume in the tank meaning, less available hot water, so if you notice that the hot water doesn't last that long anymore, your water heater needs replacing.Our experienced certified plumbers are ready for your plumber water heater repairs. Call baton rouge plumbing 225-292-2649


    Toilet   A toilet  has built in p traps, so objects get stuck in the toilet p trap cause slow draining or clogged toilet.Call our professional Baton Rouge Plumbing Contractors for all your faucet, toilet, sink, bathroom fixtures,water heater change outs, replace that dripping faucet with a new one . Thinking about updating your bathroom fixtures, and bathtub fixtures and water heater and toilet with new cost efficient low gpm fixtures, they use less water which saves you  money! Our plumbing skills are unmatched, I only use certified plumbers to service our customers.Our Baton Rouge Plumbing company can take care of all your plumbing needs whether its changing out your water heater  with a new efficient one  or changing your toilet with efficient one our professional certified plumber service all your Baton Rouge plumbing needs , also changing your bathroom stop valves or shut off valves and supply linesl while changing out your fixtures is a good idea as these old shut valves almost always leak when disconected. So call Acadian Home Improvement today for all your plumbing needs, our experienced certified plumber is ready for your plumbing &  toilet repair, Call 225-292-2649

     A Toilet has a built in p trap, so objects have a tendency to get clogged causing slow drainage but can usually be dislodged by using a plunger. Never use chemical drain cleaners in a toilet, it needs plungers or augers.


New shower built and plumber installed plumbing valve Water heater plumbing plumber repair, baton rouge Water heater plumber repair,pilot light stopped working,baton rouge plumbing repaired it. Water heater plumbing repaired pilot light problem by acadian plumber baton rouge


plumbing repair ?

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  • Bathroom Remodeling                         
  • Faucet installs
  • Toilet installs
  • Sink installs
  • Water heater change outs
  • Bathtub  removal  and replacement



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  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Faucet installs
  • Toilet installs
  • Sink installs
  • Water heater change outs
  • Bathtub removal and replacement

     The pictures above show the main water line was rusted and pipe bursted, broke concrete to access a hole to work in and rerouted new pex piping all the way to main line water meter and installed main plumbing shut off .New plumbing install and nailed under floor joist . For all your plumbing, faucet, toilet, sink, water heater, bathroom, our plumber is ready for your needs, bathroom fixtures, bathtub removal and replacement, toilet repair, bathroom remodeling, water heater replacement,and new faucet.You can and add value to your home and get 84 percent return on your investment, by remodeling your bathroom! "Baton Rouge Realtors Association Tom Mcnulty" changing your bathroom plumbing fixtures with new sink, toilet,faucet,water heater, bathtub installs. Acadian plumbing has certified plumber for all your plumbing, faucet changes. Our professional certified Baton Rouge Plumbing contractors are ready for your bathroom plumbing and repair.Call baton rouge plumbing today 225-292-2649. Check out my blog at

     Our professioinal plumber is avalilable for your upgrades in faucet,water heater,toilet sink installs,and our plumbing contractors are ready for your bathroom and Baton Rouge plumbing fixture replacement, our plumber can remove and replace your faucet or  toilet, today!


     For all your home, roofing and remodeling we are home contractors servicing the baton rouge metro area, services include flooring, fire restoration, home inspection mandates and emergency services such as a plumbing leak to help prevent water damage, we are a local baton rouge plumbing company built on hard work and honesty that's who we are in case you were wondering about us we have a photo gallery and customer testimonials and you will hear how highly they speak of me and my workmanship! We also offer commercial remodeling and home tips to help you out around the home.